Getting Started

Learn about Composer

For getting started with Composer in general, please visit the offical documentation.

Add Drupal Packagist

For being able to add any Drupal project (module, theme, drush extension) to your composer project, you have to add the Drupal Packagist to your root composer.json's repository section:

      "repositories": [
          "type": "composer",
          "url": ""


We provide project templates for an easy start. Look at drupal-composer/drupal-project for details.

Visit for a general overview on the subject.

Drupal 8 & Drupal 7

Basically Drupal Packagist will work for Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 projects.

Composer installers

In general you will need to add a Composer Installer to your project so modules, themes, profiles and drush extensions are downloaded to the correct directories, dependent on your Drupal installation.

Adding modules, themes, …

Besides that, you can use composer install, composer require, composer update and composer remove like with any other composer package.

   "require": [
       "drupal/views": "^7.3.0",
       "drupal/radix": "7.*",
       "drupal/master": "7.3.*"


Documentation on was started but is far from complete. Any help is welcome to improve the situation there.