What is Drupal Packagist?

Drupal Packagist is a Composer package repository for Drupal. It is a fork of Packagist to automatically provide packages for any projects hosted on drupal.org.

To find out more about Composer please refer to the official website.

Contributing / Donating

To report issues or contribute code you can find the source repository on GitHub.

Supporting Packagist & Composer

Drupal Packagist is a fork of Packagist. If you would like to support our upstream project, the best way is to check out Toran Proxy and buy a license. It can help you install packages fast and reliably, provides you with a private package repository, and the money goes towards Composer and Packagist maintenance!


How to submit packages?

Packages are automatically submitted. Drupal Packagist crawls full projects from Drupal.org at least once per day.